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-TiteLite- Motorcycle License Plate Lights - Acorn Head Polished Finish (pair)

TiteLite License Plate Light kits feature a right-angle LED for direct illumination of your license plate. Super bright LEDs are extremely efficient and emit a higher degree of light in a desired location than incandescent lamps. Since there is no filament that can be damaged, LEDs are incredibly durable - virtually shock and vibration-proof!

  • The clear epoxy covered lens offers waterproof protection.
  • Temperature resistant
  • Low power consumption
  • Low heat output
  • No damaging UV emissions
  • Thread pitch 5/16" x 18
  • Comes in a set of 2

    This item usually takes about 7 days to ship
    Item no.030311

    Retail: $32.98 (PLUS shipping)

    Today's Sale Price: $28.95
    This item does NOT ship for free
    Shipping charges will apply to this item. We can ship this item to the contiguous 48 United States for APPROXIMATLY $5.00. Actual shipping to your zip code may vary.
    Domed Head Style bolts with a notch machined into the head and a light bulb installed to illuminate at a 90 degree angle.
    Machined from top quality Stainless Steel the great little lights will find many uses in your motoring world. Designed to used as a license plate light when the stock light has been lost due to modifications.

    WARNING: Laws concerning this product vary from state/province to state/province. Your state/province may prohibit its use on public roads or restrict its use to novelty, show use, off-road areas, or race facility areas only. In some states/provinces off-road uses are also prohibited. The manufacturer and retailer assume no responsibility for any use or application of this product in violation of any applicable law. Before installing this product, please check your state/provincial and local/municipal laws and regulations.
    The Q&A on this Product
    QUESTION:  it is not clear do thay come in packs of one or two lights and cost of p&h to oz pedro
    ANSWER:  This is a pair - two lights. Shipping is included in the lower 48 states. For international rates, the shopping cart will give you an amount at checkout.
    QUESTION:  Will these lights operate on a 6V system?
    ANSWER:  Yes they will light up with 6 volts but about half as bright.
    QUESTION:  i have s roketa 50 cc scooter. it didnt come with a plate light, can i use these lights for my moped?>
    ANSWER:  These lights will work with any license plate.
    QUESTION:  Do you have and suggestions on how to hold the wires to my wing arm. Thank you
    ANSWER:  I use silicon adhesive where needed and tie-wraps where possible. If a convenient bolt is available, I use a professional nylon cable clamp. It almost always takes a combination of techniques because I like to hide the wires. My custom bikes, I drill the swingarm and route it internally - this is only recommended if you understand the critical stress points and are capable of refinishing, replating, and repainting. Another method is to braze stainless steel tubing in the appropriate areas - works good inside most chain guards.
    QUESTION:  Are these approved type (DOT or SAE-L) lights
    ANSWER:  These items are not certified to conform to any specification or authority. DOT has specs on taillights and turn signals, but the requirement for license plate lights is simply that it be lit. This product does that thoroughly and reliably.
    QUESTION:  If i get these with the Chain Guard. where can I run the wires for this kit?
    ANSWER:  Run the wires down to the swingarm from the original license plate light wiring.
    QUESTION:  Do I wire them in parallel or in series? and does it matter which wire is positive or negative. Thanks
    ANSWER:  It does not matter which way you wire them - there is no positive or negative. Splice them to your original license plate wiring.
    QUESTION:  This installs from the wiring under the passenger seat correct? Can you show a pic of what this looks like coming down and the best way to do it. Thank you.
    ANSWER:  They should be wired into the original license plate light wiring. The lights have no positive or negative wire so it doesn't matter which way you hook them up. We do not have a picture.
    QUESTION:  I own a 2006 Suzuki GSX R 750. Will these tite lights #030311 work for me? Thanks.
    ANSWER:  The lights are universal.
    QUESTION:  Do you sell matching bolts without the lights to mount in the other 2 holes of the plate?
    ANSWER:  We sell a 4 piece license plate kit for autos Item #: 030301B.
    QUESTION:  I would like to ad these lights to my zrx 1100, since I moved the tag.But my factory tag light was just a clear lense under my tail light housing, so where would I run the wires? And do you know what gauge the wires are?
    ANSWER:  These lights double as license plate mounting bolts. You should use 14ga stranded copper wire in all applications for motorcycle accessories. It should be easy to find a route for the wires, a single hole in a location not visible externally may be needed. Simply splice them in parallel with the original two wires for the taillight circuit, then they are on anytime the taillights are on during normal operation.
    QUESTION:  How hard would it be to run the wires inside the swing arm to come out next to the chainguard?
    ANSWER:  You have to run wire down as the lights come with very short wires. It will be easy to hide.
    QUESTION:  I am looking into the Chain Guard and License Plate Holder Item no. CPHRC51-x for my RC51 and need the light for my plate, will this product work for that and will I have enough clearance if I run the wires under the guard to hide the wires? I just want to make sure the wires don't hit the chain.
    ANSWER:  These should work nicely. They only come with short wires on them so you will have to run your existing wiring down to meet them and can hide them before the guard is completely installed.
    QUESTION:  how long are the wirings with these lights? will it be long enough to run the wiring from the rear wheel hub to the taillight?
    ANSWER:  The wires are only 6" long. You need to run wiring down to them if you put them down low.
    ANSWER:  They are small pinpoint lights. If you use 1, it will only light up half of your license plate. You really need to use two.
    ANSWER:  3/4"
    QUESTION:  are these lights dot approved
    ANSWER:  Please check with your local state DOT.
    QUESTION:  can they be used when you relocated your license plate to the axle and how can you run it.... Thank You
    ANSWER:  They work from anywhere and connect to the existing license plate light wiring.
    QUESTION:  you only have this license plate set up for a sv 650 will it fit an 2003 sv1000s
    ANSWER:  Yes, they are basically the same frame.
    QUESTION:  How do these hook-up? Is it easy to install?
    ANSWER:  They hook up to your existing license plate light wiring. They are easy to install - you need to route the wiring behind the swingarm so you can't see it.
    QUESTION:  Are these sold in pairs?
    ANSWER:  Yes - two to a package - enough for one motorcycle license plate.
    QUESTION:  What is the thread pitch of these bolts?
    ANSWER:  5/16 - 18
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