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PIG SPOTTER MIRRORS: Universal Fit , Carbon Fiber

NEW! Sold in Pairs
Carbon Impression
Black carbon fiber impression, this is a brand new state of the art process created by an aircraft carbon fiber company. This is not the fake carbon look made in china. Carbon is clear coated with 4 coats of high quality aircraft high gloss clear and hand buffed for a perfectly smooth high gloss shine, giving the mirrors the carbon look and quality you are looking for with out breaking the bank. HAND MADE IN USA.
These are universal
Features hidden LED turn signal underneath the mesh, no LEDs poking through the top
Exceptions: Requires block-off plates and new mounting location for:
Kawasaki ZX14
Honda 929 or 954

This item usually takes about 4 days to ship
Item no.108-7000CFI

Retail: $124.95 (PLUS shipping)

Today's Sale Price: $119.95
Additional Photos



Translucent Blue

Kawasaki Green



on a Yamaha R1 (02)

on a Yamaha R1 (07)

on a Suzuki GSXR Hayabusa

on a Suzuki GSXR

on a Suzuki GSXR 1000 (05)
With Block-off Plates

on a Suzuki GSXR 1000 (05)
With Block-off Plates

on a Honda CBR1000RR (06)

on a Honda CBR1000RR (06)

on a Honda RC51

on a Yamaha
WARNING: Laws concerning this product vary from state/province to state/province. Your state/province may prohibit its use on public roads or restrict its use to novelty, show use, off-road areas, or race facility areas only. In some states/provinces off-road uses are also prohibited. The manufacturer and retailer assume no responsibility for any use or application of this product in violation of any applicable law. Before installing this product, please check your state/provincial and local/municipal laws and regulations.
The Q&A on this Product
QUESTION:  man i wish i had one
ANSWER:  Then buy a set LOL
QUESTION:  will they fit a 2003 Suzuki SV650s?
ANSWER:  Yes I have a pic of them on that bike they look really good
QUESTION:  I have a 2009 R6 -- will the pig spotters fit a 2009? The bracket seems to be sort of side ways compared to earlier versions of the bike....
ANSWER:  they will fit there are 7 2009 r6 that i know that have ps2 mirrors its a tight fit but they work
QUESTION:  bonjour,expediez vous en france metropolitaine, cordialement fred.
ANSWER:  yes
QUESTION:  What color are the LED lights on the PS2 carbon fiber mirros? ( 108-7000CF ) Are they hidden under the mesh, or are they visible at all? Is there any way you can send me a picture of one, it doesn't need to be mounted on a bike. Also, can you guys change the LED color if I pay extra?
ANSWER:  leds are amber but hidden under mesh.
QUESTION:  hello, are there any additional instructions on the installation? i am having issues with getting the proper fit
ANSWER:  what bike
QUESTION:  Will this product fit a 2009 Yamaha FZ6R?
ANSWER:  yes i have 4 customers with ps2 mirrors install them on this bike
QUESTION:  Do these mirrors work on a Ducati 848?
ANSWER:  yes
QUESTION:  Will these work ok on a 2009 Yamaha FZ1? Would they mount in the same location as the existing mirrors?
QUESTION:  Once mounted, is the mirror glass itself ajustable, can your deflect the mirror around?
ANSWER:  No. Before mounting you need to try different positions. The mirror is convex so the angle doesnt matter as much as a flat mirror.
QUESTION:  hi i have a 1993 triumph daytona the mirrors suck do you think these would be better for me?
ANSWER:  Yes much better.
QUESTION:  i have a 2006 r6, will the carbon fiber pigspotters work?
QUESTION:  Hi, I have a 1994 ZX&R and 2 questions: - #1, will the PS2 mirrors fit my bike?..... the ones with the led turn signals - #2, my bike is custom painted flat black. I would go for the black or kawi green..... which do you think would be better?...especially considering the black is not shiny Thanks, geoff
ANSWER:  I have never installed them on that bike but they fit most any bike. As far as color that is totally personal choice. My choice would be black.
QUESTION:  I have a 2005 Triumph Daytona 955i will these fit or how much modafying is involved?
ANSWER:  Yes they will fit. We have never installed them but various customers have bought them and installed them.
QUESTION:  will these mirrors fit 99 zx6r without modding
QUESTION:  I have a 2007 Yamaha R6 will the carbon fiber pig spotters work with out block offs? and will you be able to see the LEDS if they arent in use? the reason i ask is im buying a complete Carbon Fiber Body Kit and i want small carbon mirrors to match but i havent decided if i want the blinkers wired or not Thanks Andrew
ANSWER:  They will fit in the stock location on your bike and the LEDs are internal with the carbon fiber mirrors so it wont matter if you use the lights or not. They would look awesome with your carbon fiber body work. Your going to have a very awesome and light bike!!! Thanks for your interest Andrew.
QUESTION:  hi just about to buy a new zx6 (p8f) any info as to fit would be great thank you
ANSWER:  No modifications needed. The mirrors will fit ZX6, mount same place as stock mirrors using same holes. Thank you for your inquiry.
QUESTION:  hello, just wondering if they would fit on my 07 yamaha R1? How bright are the LED turn signals as they are under mesh and not poking through the top? If the LED turn signals are off can you see the LED's on top of the mirrors? Regards, Rob
ANSWER:  Yes they will fit your make and model. Since they are under the mesh they are most brightest when you are looking straight on at them. We use the brightest LEDs on the market. As far as the LEDs being visible when they are not activated ,they are not . Totally hidden.
QUESTION:  my answer to you is...ha.....that its held with a bolt and nut...so if you can help me out ...and i wanted to find out how are tey universal are they adjustable or what ------------------ Your Question is: I wanted to see if these mirrors would fit on my '07 Hyosung GT650R and if i didnt want them the leds to work would i still require any drilling. or modifications.. Our Answer is: Not if you dont want to run the LEDs. The question I have for you is ,are your stock mirros held on to the fairing with just a bolt or bolt and nut? If it is just a bolt does it go all the way through the fairing under structure or does it bottom out?
ANSWER:  Then these will fit just fine. Remove your stock mirrors . Position the PS2s over stock location. Using the supplied drill bit,smaller of the two bits supplied, from underneathe your fairing structure insert drill bit through the stock mounting post and drill into the base of the Pig Spotter Mirror. Feed the first screw and repeat process.
QUESTION:  I wanted to see if these mirrors would fit on my '07 Hyosung GT650R and if i didnt want them the leds to work would i still require any drilling. or modifications..
ANSWER:  Not if you dont want to run the LEDs. The question I have for you is ,are your stock mirros held on to the fairing with just a bolt or bolt and nut? If it is just a bolt does it go all the way through the fairing under structure or does it bottom out?
QUESTION:  were do u run the wire
ANSWER:  Through the fairing. On most bikes you will need to drill a small hole in the fairing in between the two stock mounting posts. We supply the drill bit. The hole will be hidden even if you were to re-install the stock unit.
QUESTION:  When do you expect to have pictures available? What are the dimensions of the mirror base? (i.e. contact area between mirror and fairing). Are they the same on the standard pigspotter mirrors? Thanks.
ANSWER:  These are the same standard demensions as the regular PS2s. These are available now. Plenty in stock and ready to ship.These sell extremely fast. 1 5/8" is the widest and tapers down to a point 4 1/8" is the length.
QUESTION:  I have an 08 zx10 will they bolt up to the stock mounts or do I have to drill new holes
ANSWER:  These will fit over the stock location on your bike .
QUESTION:  I have a 2008 Hayabusa, will the carbon pig spotters fit, and where do i tie into the harness for the indicators?
ANSWER:  Yes they will fit you bike perfectly. . These are universal not bike specific. The wiring is a simple 2 wire connection. You simply splice the wires into the factory turn signals. You can also wire them as running lights. To use as running lights find a constant hot wire, attach the positive lead from the mirros.then ground the negative . I would suggest using a toggle swith on the positive wire if running as a running light.
QUESTION:  I have a GSXr 600 K5. Will any of these work on my bike.
ANSWER:  These will fit your bike.These are universal. You make the bolt pattern on the base of this mirror.We supply the drill bits and different lenghth sccrews. These will fit on any bike with a full fromt fairing that is semi flat where the mirror mounts to
ANSWER:  The Carbon mirrors look like all the other Pig Spotter 2's with the exception they are made with real Carbon Fiber.These are universal. You make the bolt pattern on the base of this mirror.We supply the drill bits and different lenghth screws. We have had customers purchase these for your bike and never received any feedback as far as problems fitting them. These will fit on any bike with a full front fairing that is semi flat where the mirror mounts to.
QUESTION:  Are these an easy install on 2008 Honda cbr600rr and when do we get a pic of the carbon fiber version? Thx
ANSWER:  Look at the ads in 2 Wheel TUNER. These are very easy to install.
QUESTION:  Just ordered the black pig spotters universal. I have a 2007 R6. Are these mirrors going to fit my bike? and if so, is it an easy mount, without any major modifications?
ANSWER:  Very simple to install. Yes they will fit your bike nicely.
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