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Motorcycle Pipe Wrap Kit - Black Wrap/Black HT

A simple and effective way to control heat, protect against serious leg burns and improve performance. Pipe wrap kits contain everything needed to wrap a set of pipes all in one convenient package. Each kit includes two 2" x 15 foot rolls of exhaust wrap (either in Tan or Black), eight 8" & four 14" stainless steel Locking Ties to secure wrap and a choice of Black, Aluminum or White HT Silicone Coating spray that penetrates, seals, protects and preserves wrap.

A proprietary coating is applied to all DEI wrap to act as a bonding agent and to increase durability levels under extreme heat.

  • Prevent burns
  • Improve exhaust flow for better performance
  • Offers a custom style
  • Increase horsepower!
  • Asbestos free & easy to install
  • Significant cost savings by bundling as a kit
  • Withstands direct continuous heat up to 1200
  • Protects against harsh abrasions, hot oil spills, road grime and more
    Item no.010330
    This item is currently not available for sale. This page is made available for informational purposes only.

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  • Installation Instructions
  • MSDS Safety Sheet
     other options:
    Design Engineering DEI 010201 8" locking ties (8 per pack)
    S.S. Locking Ties 14`` (4 per pack)

    DEI Exhaust Wrap FAQ

    Why do I want to wrap my headers, pipes or manifolds?
    Wrapping any type of exhaust piping is a crucial and important step when controlling exhaust temperatures and reducing radiant under-hood heat by up to 50%. Keeping exhaust gases hotter within the exhaust system helps in decreasing density and increasing the flow of exhaust gases. This improves exhaust scavenging which, in turn, reduces intake temperatures for increased horsepower gains. Also, limiting the radiant heat trapped inside the engine bay decreases heat absorption through the fire wall which keeps dash components and cabin temperatures to a an absolute minimum.

    What is exhaust wrap made of and does it contain asbestos?
    DEI exhaust wrap rolls are primarily composed of composite fiberglass material that is treated with a proprietary coating developed by DEI to help increase the wraps thermal resistance when compared to the other brands. DEI wraps contain NO ASBESTOS!

    Will wrapping my exhaust pipes make it rust?
    If the exhaust pipe is made of mild steel, it may rust over time with or without exhaust wrap. If you are going to wrap any kind of steel pipe we recommend using our HT Silicone Coating to seal and protect the wrap and even the pipe you are wrapping. In addition, HT Silicone provides added thermal insulation and increases the longevity of your wrap.

    Will the exhaust wrap work on my stock exhaust system?
    Yes, it is perfectly compatible with all exhaust systems from Cast Iron to Stainless Steel. Not only that, but you can safely use the wrap on any kind of tubing metal or aluminum. This includes piping on an intercooler, turbo down pipe, air intake and intake manifold.

    Why only a 1/4 inch overlap, isn't more better?
    More is not always better when it comes to exhaust wrap. You can hold too much heat in the manifold to the point of changing the molecular structure of the metal. This can cause premature wear of the tubes or fractured welds, overlapping 1/4 inch is fine as this allows just enough heat out to ensure performance without damaging the exhaust.

    Can I wet the wrap for installation?
    Wetting the wrap is actually recommended as it will make the material more flexible and aid in a much tighter wrap. Be sure to let the wrap dry completely before applying the HT Silicone Spray.

    How does my exhaust wrap stay in place?
    The use of DEI's Stainless Steel Locking Ties is highly recommend to keep your exhaust in place and looking clean. It is also possible to use a stainless steel worm camp as well but generally not recommended.

    Why should I purchase a kit when I just need the wrap?
    To achieve a professional installation and maximum durability it is recommended to purchase the Exhaust Wrap Kit. It has enough material to cover a standard set of V8 headers, it also includes your choice of color of HT Silicone spray and assorted Stainless Steel Locking Ties. This will prevent multiple trips to the auto parts store.

    WARNING: Laws concerning this product vary from state/province to state/province. Your state/province may prohibit its use on public roads or restrict its use to novelty, show use, off-road areas, or race facility areas only. In some states/provinces off-road uses are also prohibited. The manufacturer and retailer assume no responsibility for any use or application of this product in violation of any applicable law. Before installing this product, please check your state/provincial and local/municipal laws and regulations.
    The Q&A on this Product
    QUESTION:  Hello, Do you have the red color heat wrap and also is the clips colored too? Thanks,
    ANSWER:  Sorry, no red. We have black, tan and titanium.
    QUESTION:  i have a 85 Kawasaki zn700 ltd and i'm wondering how many feet of wrap would i need? My headers are 2 into 1 on each side and i replaced the mufflers with 1 foot exhaust on each side..
    ANSWER:  We need to know the length, diameter and # of bends in the pipe. Thanks!
    QUESTION:  Will the black H-temp Silicone Spray keep the wrap black or will it fade over time and if so how long before it starts fadeing?
    ANSWER:  This brand of exhaust wrap does not fade over time. It should stay black. The black silicone spray will never fade either.
    QUESTION:  Can I spray the silicone directly onto the pipe before applying the wrap to help protect the pipe against rust?
    ANSWER:  Yes, that's commonly done.
    QUESTION:  Would the regular exhaust wrap be effective for the heat from a kawasaki zx6r supersport bike with an aftermarket two brother exhaust?
    ANSWER:  Yes, it will work just fine.
    QUESTION:  is one kit enough for a 2006 sportster with screaming eagle pipes
    ANSWER:  Yes, it is.
    QUESTION:  i have an 09 harley nightster. can i wrap around the heat sheilds so i get a chunckier exhaust look or do i have to take heat shields off? I would like to wrap around the heat shilelds.
    ANSWER:  You can wrap around the heat shields. It would fe fine.
    QUESTION:  I have a '03 HD Road King with a Bassani Road Rage on it it. I want to wrap the header pipes. Will this kit be enough wrap or do I need more? Thanks.
    ANSWER:  For your pipes, you should buy the items separately and get the 2"x50' roll of exhaust wrap. The 30' in the kit might not be enough.
    QUESTION:  I have a vw trike and I would like to know how much would it take to cover the pipes? They are single header pipes. They are 4 pipes in all.
    ANSWER:  We do not have any information on your trike. The exhaust header wrap kits for cars would certainly be enough. See Item #: 010110.
    QUESTION:  are there wraps that work like tape ? (self sticking)
    ANSWER:  We have Cool-Tape. You should buy this from our other website, Titebike.com. The products are easier to see. Here is the url:
    You need part number 010408 or 101416 or 010413 depending on the length.
    QUESTION:  can you send it to the uk .. if yes , how much does it cost ..?
    ANSWER:  We do ship to the UK. The shopping cart will calculate the shipping when you check out based on your total order.
    QUESTION:  can I wrap my street bob pipes with 1 inch raather than two inch wrap
    ANSWER:  Yes, you just need more.
    QUESTION:  Hello, on a 2.5" diameter exhaust pipe - how many feet of pipe will a 15' roll cover using the 1/4" overlap method?
    ANSWER:  A 2" wide roll 15' long will cover about 3' 4" of pipe. And a little less then 3' if there are a few bends in the pipe.
    QUESTION:  when applying this do you start at the header end or the end that for instance on a motorcycle connects to the exhaust can?
    ANSWER:  You start at the exhaust port. Please see the complete instructions at:
    QUESTION:  I have sportster 08 nightster...I want the pipes black to match the black bike....I dont however want to wrap the whole pipe and want the pipes shorter what is the best process??? do they come apart> I took heat shields off already ..But the exhaust looks to be one unit..Want the bulky end part gone,,,, any suggestions?? Thanks Richard
    ANSWER:  The exhaust pipes need to be wrapped after removal from the bike, so you should make any required modifications prior to completing the wrapping procedure. The best way to match a black Nightster is black exhaust wrap sealed with Black H-temp Silicone Spray. Please note that sealing of exhaust wrap is NOT optional, it must be done to make a professional job.
    QUESTION:  Hi.. Im interested in wrapping the 4 into 1 exhaust headers on my 1972 cb750. What length of wrap would i need to purchase from you given that the headers join together just under the front of the engine?
    ANSWER:  This kit is sufficient to wrap the headers on that motorcycle. You start the wrap on the first pipe and continue it past the collector on to the end of the assembly - other headers are wrapped separately. I always put a stainless steel tie or safety wire on the first turn after transitioning to a larger diameter. If you are not sure of the wrapping technique, I recommend practicing with the wrap dry and use plastic tie wraps - when you are satisfied with the result, then do the wrap wet with stainless ties and safety wire - make certain it is COMPLETELY dry befor applying sealant, even if that takes two days in the sun.
    QUESTION:  My wife has a Kawasaki Vulcan 800 Classic. She is 5'2" tall. Her leg sits close to the rear pipe of the v-twin motor. When riding all day long the heat is getting almost unbearable. The exhaust are OEM exhaust. Will wrapping the rear pipe help cut down the radiant heat she is feeling on her leg?
    ANSWER:  Wrapping this area will help reduce the amount of radiated heat, but the surface will still be too hot to touch. The most effective method is if this can be installed under a heat shield with a small air gap (approximately 1mm)between the wrapping and the heat shield. This will make the heat shield very effective because less heat energy will reach it per unit time, allowing normal air cooling to keep it a surface that can be touched without injury. The all day riding comfort level will be greatly improved.
    QUESTION:  Dear Sr. Or Madam at 1 Tail.com, I have a Ducati 1098 2008 wich gets too warm on slow speed, so I´m looking for the best exhaust wrap for my bike. Please let me know wich one I should buy from you. By looking at your web page I found 10413 and 10330 parts numbers, please let me know what do you think about it or if you have a better option. Best Regards Jorge Walter
    ANSWER:  This would be an excellent choice to perform your wrap on this Ducati. It has all the necessary materials. Be sure to review the installation instructions on the prpduct detail link.
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